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YOU MUST HAVE PRIOR firearm experience and be familiarized with your firearm. This is a CCW qualification course NOT a beginner course. The fee paid is for the course ONLY and does not guarantee you will pass.  In order for you to receive your CCW certificate, you…
1- have demonstrate SAFE firearm handling,
2- Shooting proficiency of 70% or better,
3- pass the written test.


There is no cancelations allowed, if not your sure, don’t sign up. One FREE rescheduling is allowed within 3 days prior to class start date, there after a $125 rescheduling fee applies for one time only. If you still cant make, than you will need to reschedule a NEW course.

Course fee:

The fees paid, covers the whole course. If you fail the shooting proficiency you will need to reschedule for another day and pay the requalification fees associate with that. YOU MUST bring at least 2 magazine, ammo, and eye and ear protection (if you have, if not we will provide them at the range for use free of charge). Failure to adhere to these policies or demonstrate UNSAFE firearms handling will be grounds for your dismissal from the course without refund.  

Recording of any kind:

There is NO audio recording, video recording, or photo taking allowed of any kind at the class facilities or at the range specially from the targets. If your found violating this policy your forfeit your course fee and will be asked to leave and take the course else where.
If, for any reason the class is canceled, you will have the option of full refund or rescheduling it for another available date. By Checking this box, you agree to these terms and policy.
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