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How to choose the right handgun (firearm) for yourself.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

When you want to buy a handgun, how do you go about what to choose? do you ask you friends? for you watch youtube videos?

  • For example some youtube video might have been compensated by a manufacturer to promote that firearm.

  • And, while your friend might have all the best intention and wishes for you, they don't know your preference. What feels right for them (size, weight, features, grip) it might not be the same for you.

We do not recommend buying firearms on recommendations of someone or some youtube channel talking about a handgun but in reality they are promoting a particular make and model of a firearm. And, do a quick google search to see if you can find accessories easily, such as extra magazine, holsters, red dot sight, or other parts so you wont be surprised.

The best practice as firearms instructors we recommend, is to go to a popular range who have variety of handguns you can rent cheaply and test them, shot at least 50 round and get feel of the handgun and its features.

This is a inexpensive way to try a firearm BEFORE buying it. After all, do you buy your car because some friend or youtube recommended it? or do you actually go to a car dealer test drive it (or several makes and models) BEFORE committing to buying it.

Do your research BEFORE making an investment.

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