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PRICE:   Please call




Our courses

16:00 Hours

North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States (Map)

What to Bring

Day one

  • Your ID

  • Holster for each firearm

  • AT LEAST 2 magazine or speed loaders

  • Something to write on

  • Your firearm(s) (leave it in the car until instructed to retrieve)


Day two

  • Your ID

  • Holster for each firearm

  • AT LEAST 2 magazine or speed loaders

  • Something to write on

  • Your firearm(s) (leave it in the car until instructed to retrieve)

  • AMMUNITION (leave it in the car until instructed to retrieve)

  • Do to weather conditions, shooting proficiency maybe postponed to another day.



This is not a beginner course. Students must be able to show that they can safely manipulate and fire a handgun. Careless/unsafe gun handling is not acceptable and will be cause for removal from the class/range with no refund

  • Firearm(s) must be registered in your name.

  • No pregnant women (for babies safety).

  • No spectators allowed.

  • No pets allowed.


  • If you are a felon, you are not permitted in the class room nor on the range for any reason or may you be in possession of a firearm under Federal Law.

Some of the Course Topics

Proper handling of weapons


Responsibility of handgun ownership


Concealed carry


Interaction with law enforcement


Laws regarding use of firearms


Range safety rules


Demonstration of safe firearms handling skills


Live fire of authorized weapon(s)


Firearms and ammo are to be left in your vehicle (for range day) until instructed to retrieve.


For class session, bring your firearms and a holster with good retention for each firearm you want to qualify with BUT for inspection and keep them in your vehicle until instructed to retrieve them. DO NOT bring any ammunition to class).

What to Bring
What We Will Provide You
What You Will Receive
  • Current and valid

  • List of firearms (make, model, serial number)

  • Firearm(s). 

  • Ammunition - At least 80 rounds for 1st firearm and 30 rounds for each additional qualifying firearm. All ammunition must be full metal jacket (New). No Wolf, WPA or Tula ammunition allowed. YOU NEED to score at the range at least 70% to pass.

  • 2 extra Magazines or speed loaders

  • Eye & Ear Protection

  • Good Holster with retention IS REQUIRED (Kydex preferred). NO flimsy or SERPA holsters. 

  • Range Day (what to wear) Close-toed Shoes (no flip flops or sandals).  long Pants (no shorts or tank tops)

  • Lunch (snacks). We do take lunch breaks and you can go out to buy but remember, the time is limited and we wont hold the class up just for you)

  • Pen & Notebook

  • Thick Belt (range day)

  • Class Room Lecture

  • Course Materials

  • Water

  • Range fee (initial qualification)

  • Lane fee

  • Range instruction

  • Eyes & ear protection

  • Target

  • Certificate (upon successful completion of the course).

  • Upon completion of this course, every student will receive a free gift.

  • For FL and AZ CCW, you will receive a different certificate which meets the requirements for that particular states CCW training. 

There will be a written test and you also MUST pass the range qualification which include a shooting proficiency and safe firearm handling. Your course fee only includes the initial range fee. If you do not pass, you will need to reschedule it to qualify when we have our next range class and your own range fee or you can have it sooner by paying for our private instructor time.


No cancelation allowed. If your not sure, please dont sign up.  

Click here to see which states you can carry a concealed firearm with a California CCW Reciprocity 
Disclaimer: The content provided is for informational purposes only and not to be construed as legal advise. The information is valid at the time this content was written. It is the CCW holders (your) responsibility to be familiar with Federal, State, and Local Laws. If your traveling to another state, please be sure to visit that states website about their laws pertaining to caring a concealed firearm.  The information provided, is subject to change without notice.

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