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Why you should have more than one firearm on your CCW permit.

At Nationwide CCW during our course we cover the reasons why you should or would need to have more than one firearm on your CCW.

There are several reason why you would need to have more than one firearm listed on your CCW permit. One of them being, most people list the firearms they have or their favorite which turns out to be a FULL size and/or a heavy firearm. Full size firearms are commonly used for exposed carry or many like them because they only use them at the range.

One common mistake is, you should consider the flexibility of the firearm which for concealed, compact firearms are more common and proffered compared to full size. Some of the reasons are compact firearms are smaller and easier to conceal and more light weight compared to full size.

Two Reasons why you should list more than one firearm on your CCW permit are...

1- In any incident, just about all the time your firearm will be confiscated and used as evidence.

2- What if your firearms malfunctions and you need to send it in for a repair? In which case sometime it might take weeks if not months or two to have it repaired which means in the mean time you will not have a firearm to protect you or your loved one.

3- Also when you find out that your favorite full size firearm you like to you at the range and target practice is not the favorite option for congealed carry.

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