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Los Angeles CCW Holder Fires at Armed Home Intruders and looses his CCW Permit

By now i am sure most of you reading this article have heard or seen the video where Vince Ricci (a resident of Los Angeles) had to pull his firearm at the front door of his resident to defend himself and his wife and 5 month old baby inside after he arrived home from the gym and stopping by to get a cup of tea.

From the video(s) shown on internet, we can see that after he exits his vehicle and walking toward his front door, two masked man jump the wall of his house and rush him from behind while holding and pointing a firearm at him. At which point he turns around seem to be spilling the tea on the suspect and pulling his firearm.

The subject we want to cover in this topic is that we see various publications stating that his CCW permit by LASD (not LAPD as some state) was suspended or revoked because he states, they told him "because he yelled at the cops" when they arrived.

As this sounded a bit strange to me, i decided to do a little investigation of my own into this. After reviewing an interview he did with Colion Noir on this youtube channel. I saw that he answered many questions appropriately UNTIL... About 30 minutes into the video. When i hear him said "my firearms locked up inside and you ARE NOT TAKING IT, That's it. And i was like i will not go unarmed my wife is crying inside you are NOT TAKING MY FIREARM". This is when i had a feeling that this was the reason they suspended/revoked his license. As you continue watching the video, he clearly states that he had more firearms at home.

One thing, as you know we mention several times and cover it clearly during our classes are that NO matter what, you have to COOPERATE with law enforcement. We even touch on this and say that it is clearly written in the "CCW acknowledgement" when you receive your permit AND it is ALSO stated in the California law and on the CA DOJ application.

And remember, it is ALSO part of your CCW acknowledgement letter (your agencies CCW policy) that you will notify them of ANY incident involving firearms within certain days.

Remember, no matter what, you HAVE TO cooperate with law enforcement as refusing to do so could have a adverse outcome. However, you may do so by consulting with your ATTORNEY first or have him/her present during questioning or have your attorney be in contact with the police.

At Nationwide CCW class we covered the reasons of why we recommend having more than one firearm listed on your CCW permit.

Final thought...

Please be safe out there and as we discuss also in class, have a plan of action in place AHEAD of time.

This article is NOT a legal advise but merely an observation of relevant print and video articles and news. The information provided should not be taken as legal advise.


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