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Court Ordered Basic Firearms Training

Have you received a court order to get certified firearms training? Than this course is for you. This is a private one-on-one training, therefor please call us to schedule a suitable date.




Our courses

04:00 Hours

North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States (Map)

PRICE:  $0Please Call



Here are some reasons why you would need a firearms basic course.
  1. Safety: A firearms instructor can teach proper handling and storage techniques to minimize the risk of accidental discharge or theft. They can also provide guidance on safe shooting practices and stress the importance of following all firearms laws and regulations.

  2. Skill Development: A firearms instructor can help individuals develop their shooting skills and accuracy, including proper grip, stance, and trigger control. This can be especially important for individuals who want to use firearms for personal protection or hunting.

  3. Legal Compliance: A firearms instructor can provide information on state and federal laws regarding firearms ownership and use, including concealed carry laws and restrictions on the use of firearms in certain areas.

  4. Confidence: Working with a firearms instructor can help individuals build confidence in their ability to handle and use firearms safely and effectively. This can be especially important for those who are new to firearms or are looking to improve their skills.

  5. Understanding of firearms: A firearms instructor can provide a deeper understanding of firearms, including their mechanisms and proper maintenance. This knowledge can help individuals make informed decisions about which firearms are best for their needs and how to properly care for them.

Overall, having a firearms instructor can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their firearms skills and knowledge.

This is a class session only and no live fire. 


No cancelations are allowed and no refunds. If your not sure, please do not sign up.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for informational purposes only and not to be construed as legal advise. The information is valid at the time this content was written. It is the CCW holders (your) responsibility to be familiar with Federal, State, and Local Laws. If your traveling to another state, please be sure to visit that states website about their laws pertaining to caring a concealed firearm.  The information provided, is subject to change without notice.

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